Quality & Ethics


Our high commitment to quality

The ability to offer high-quality services is the prerequisite for our customers to be satified, and a key factor in our success. In order to meet the diverse requirements and expactations of our customers as effectively as possible, we place great emphasis on maintaining the high standards of quality in our company, and improving it wherever possible.

Our quality management system is based on ISO 9001 as well other applicable government and industry standards. We conduct regular audits and benchmark reviews to make sure we are meeting our planned quality goals. Apart from the economic achievement of our company, our customers’ and employees’ satisfaction is above all the yardstick for our success.

Successful together

We devote particular attention to the topic of innovation, with the goal of promoting products and services with a sustainable effect in the international market. Our employees‘ creativity is the key to our innovations, the basis for numerous patents which secure our competitive edge and meet our high quality standards.

Our Values

Personal Responsibility - Reliability - Correct Behaviour

BAUER Spezialtiefbau GmbH pioneered and co-founded the Association of Ethical Management in the Construction Industry, thus making a major contribution to the development of ethical and values-based management in the construction industry today. The BAUER Group, as a responsible and trustworthy company, has defined rules of conduct (Code of Conduct) that are binding on every employee, including the Managing Directors and the Management Board.

With our Ethics Management System, we assure our customers and business partners that we will be an honest and trustworthy partner now and in future. Our company success is based on people - our employees just as much as our customers and partners.